F. A. Q.

What to wear?

Clothing that is not going to restrict your movement (ie. Jeans)

Usually a skirt or loose fitting pants and top with a scarf to wrap around your hips.

We dance with bare feet, but if your feet are sensitive you can wear jiffy shoes or socks.


What to bring?

A water bottle and your sense of fun!


Do I have to be thin/fat to Belly Dance?

No..everybody's body is perfect for this form of dance...from a petite size 8 to a voluptous size 20+. There are no size restrictions.


Am I too old/young to start dancing?

Again a big no... you are never too old or too young to dance!! I have taught children as young as 3 and ladies as mature as 75.


What will we be learning?

The correct posture for Belly Dance, and the isolations and movements of all parts of the body that make Belly Dance what it is.


Do I have to perform in public?

No...I teach you a choreography that you can dance to in the privacy of your own home or you have the option to perform that dance on our break up night to family and friends. If you wish to perform publicly, then there are plenty of opportunities. The decision is entirely up to you.


Can I wear a costume to class?

Yes, yes, yes.....If you so desire to make (or buy) a costume you are more than welcome to wear it to class. I find it enhances your dance experience.